Monday, April 21, 2008

I Think It's Funny When...

...when i work with teenage girls who have behavioral and social problems and they say "this is an a and b conversation so c your way out of it before d jumps over e and f's you up"
...when there is an OMG contest on the cw and immediately i think of my 17 year old sister who would and could win because she is the epitomy of an OMG contest
...when my 17 yr old sister who grew up in OHIO is a serious valleygirl and says things like "omg girlfriend" and "that's totes presh"
...when the girls at the home try to one up each other on what substances they were addicted to when they were born
...when i see people running to the bathroom because they're going to pee their pants otherwise
...and lastly, when i am done with finals and all you suckers are still carrying on :)


Dani said...

hahahaha all of those are great except the last one. that one sucks. for me anyway

*Priscilla* said...

baha...i just wanted to leave a comment :)

Dani said...

you suck.